April 4, 2011

Spring Break

This spring break I went to New York City ^^ haha it was a wonderful trip with my friends.
We went to a lot of places, such as Time Square, Union Square, Central Park, MoMA( Museum of Modern Art), the Apple store, and fifth Ave.... saw a beautiful night view in Brooklyn Bridge, and Rockefeller Center.

I saw a lot of designs poster, ad in Time Square... its so amazing to me!!!! I love Time Square so much!!
Pepsi coke

And we also went to the "SoHo"... there are so many stores such as Express, AE, Forever 21..ect.

I found Express store have QR code on outside window. It was so cool.

The last day, we just went to Museum, the Museum of Modern Art - MoMA.
It was a good place for designer go to there to see.
I saw some Typography design, it was really really cool.

 I like this fonts because it looks like code fonts!!

 Like a red lip on the central...

And one thing, that is a creativity design, if you don't take photo from that, you might not find what it is.....
We were in the Converse store....

Its a U.S. flag !!! So COOL !! XD

I love this time of Spring Break travel in NYC !! It was so fun in there with my friends !!!
If you have a chance, just go to NYC to look this city, its so many amazing thing waiting for u!!


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