May 29, 2012

Final Project - Calender

This is my final project - Calender.

It made 7x5.75 and with bleed; and also base made 8x17.

Target: I focus everyone to show my project.

Cost of project: I make 2 so it spend $13.

Call the Action: promotion myself to show anyone my product such as company, and friends.

Purpose: I wanna use the calender to show everyone my ideas and my photography project.

Challenge: I think the challenge for me is when I communicate with  the printing center worker, they couldn't understand what i want, and I need to show them the example and tell them again and again. However, everything is good, because I early to print the first proof and see how's looks, and then just go back to check and edit again. Thanks for teacher help me, and thanks the printing center worker "Steven" helps. Finally, when I pick up my product, YES! it's my idea, but just one thing i need to go back change a little bit, that is the base paper I need to use more heavy than #100 pounds. I forgot to count calender paper (14page, use the #80 pounds paper), so the base paper hard to stand on table. Therefore, I cut the two heavy boards to sticker on each inside base paper. It works better!!
And one thing that i need to mention is if you wanna your product on the time to finish, you need to check them everyday and care how's going on your project. Because they are not good on time to give you product.

I like my project so much because I learned a lot from it. XD

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