June 4, 2012

My Senior Project - Chinese Zodiac - Package

This is my senior project of spring semester 2012.
In this class, every student choose big project to do it, and I choose to do Chinese Zodiac of package, small brochure, and bookmark.

My theme of senior project is Chinese Zodiac of 12 animals.

This is 12 animals of  Chinese Zodiac that are in different size.

I created 12 different size on each octangle box that from 4.5 through 10,
Each box the size of difference on 5 inches,(such as this is 4.5” and that one is 5”… like this….)The size of width is different on each one, but the height is the same size of 3.5”.

And why I chose octangle shape for gift box because in Chinese culture the octangle means satisfaction, such as gather together with family. (also means happiness and lucky)

And why I made 12 different sizes,
This idea that came from when I go to wal-mart or other supermarket, I always see some gift boxes have different sizes and they stack up each box.

I think this is a good idea because in my country I hard to see that the gift boxes is stack up, and I think I can combine Chinese culture and American life into my project, so I decided to create 12 different sizes of octangle gift box.

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