February 1, 2011

2011 Snowing Day 下雪日子

We have 2 Snow Break Days hahaha~~ XD

我們有兩天過年假 哈哈 兩天的雪假!!

It's so nice.

Our cars, ground, and anywhere was covered with snow.

雪覆蓋了任何地方 車子 地面 (看不見馬路) 哈哈

We just went to outside to play at snowballs. It was so fun!!! ^^

我們到外面打雪杖 真的好好玩喔! 我們把自己埋在地上 哈哈

哈哈~~ 我們隔壁家 鄰居的大卡車


給活活的埋住了!! XD

The truck was covered with snow by our 717b's neighbor. haha


Our cars, three cars just was covered by snow


Big snow outside.....so cold!!!

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