February 21, 2011

Share to U... Printing Information

I wanna share this LINK : http://www.printernational.org/ 

It is about printing information such as any size of paper, envelope.

U.S. envelope sizes

ISO papers sizes

Some detail about printing information to tell U.....

Business Card sizes, RGB VS. CMYK..... 

I think this is a good website "PrinterNational",

Cause it could help me  or u to know what size of any papers, cards, or envelope...

I wanna say, it is hard to remember all size of papers, or envelopes..... AND 
I think.... everyone may forget what size or any information about printing... Than
U can go back to look this.... http://www.printernational.org/

it has some printer information to tell U what should care and check file when U print it.

Hope U like it !! XD


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