October 20, 2010

Blog Categories.....

How business blogs......

Business blog has their own logo and image, so it's important when they build and customized the blog. Company will use their logo and special image for people remember their company style. It's very helpful when people visit their website or blog, and easy to remember and understand. It's just like first impression.

Business Blog VS Personal Blog

Between business blog and personal blog , they are totally different style...

Personal Blog is like diary, journal, and record life memories, or put what some thing you favor or no favor, and write down personal thinking and feeling. Put your travel photos or record daily life photos.... such like this.

BUT >>>>>>

usiness Blog is like to show people that company's products and promotion, or commercial. And also make easy for customers to visit and know new products or other information such as discount in thanksgiving Day, or X'mas Day. Business blog is good way to keep customers to touch and communicate.

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