October 19, 2010

Compare Blogger & Wordpress

Blogger VS Wordpress

These two Blog have different style. Blogger.com is make me feel easy to show me my blog and how to use it, it is very easy for people to use, even if you want to change the background or head. But Blogger.com doesn't have home page for people to quickly to catch other people's blog and doesn't have to much commercial.

However, Wordpress is make me feel it is a sample and comfortable of blog. I think it's their home page of background color to me feel so good. Although, it might make people feel complex to use it on change sitting or background or edit CCS. It still is a good organized blog to me when I first to visit it.

I think it is hard when you want to choose what style blog you want to use it because you might know each other and compare them, or thinking which one is popular to people use it!!

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