October 20, 2010

Free VS Paid - Blog

Free VS Paid ...Blog

Free blog is most people want to use it because it don't pay money, and you could easy to use it.
But Paid blog is more space to make you can put more stuffs at blog.

Between Free and Paid of Blog are different on.......

Pay how much money VS no money
More space to put on VS limited Space
More benefit to offer you to use VS limited benefit ......

To chose Squarespace blog is you need to pay money for monthly, or years, but now you have a chance to try their free blog just 14 days, and after if you like to keep to use, you can just pay money. I think is a good idea for people try blog.
Sauarespace has three parts ideas to pay money such as standard, advanced, and business to make you choose and it is different cost to pay. The standard is like normal blog to use and it offers 3 GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth, and 10 pages Max. However, the advanced and business are more stuffs to let you use such as more space, and advance control it.

Although Free blog limit something, it still is a good to choose it and use it.

Pay money or not, or just use free...... that is just depend on what do you want to do on your blog.

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