October 19, 2010

Why Blog???

Why Blog???

To me ... the blog is meaning to let me record what happen in my life, just like diary.

I can put what I want to put such as photos, videos, musics; and also write what I want to write...my feeling, and thinking.
Sometimes, I will post some information to share with other people who want to visit my blog, or my friends, and family.
The blog is like communicate machine to me because it could make me easy way to connect with my family and friends to let them know how's my life going.

That is my first thinking on "why blog"...... BUT...

How's beneficial to me as Professional Blog, I will say it's very formal to introduce myself to everyone.
This way is like to sell myself, to let people know and show them what can I do.
It is very helpful because you could post your works on Blog to show someone.
I think the companies will love to see it, and it could help managers know you.
This style blog just like "Resume Blog" to show people your talents,and your professional.


I think it is very beneficial for industries. The company could use blog to promote their products, and easy way for people to get information.
People like to looking around blogs on catch their eyes blogs,
If companies promotion or advertisement are do very cool or good, it will make more people to go on.

I know in Taiwan, some restaurants will visit some bloger ( good writer) to go their restaurant to taste food, and then these bloger will write a paper to introduce restaurant, and to attract people go to. Most people like to go blog or website to find where have delicious food and visit it. It is great promotion!!

I think blog is very interesting and cool stuff for me to use it all the time and record my life style to make my family, friends, or other people know me.

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